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Modular UPS

DPA UPScale ST S2 designed for low and medium power applications. Delivers Power protection from 10kW to 200kW in 10kW, can be paralleled horizontally to increase the capacity up to 400kW. Efficiency Up to 96% true online.

DPA UPScale RI including UPS, battery and communication, can be integrated into any 19″ rack (independent of manufacturer) and provides up to 80kW (60kW N+1) making it ideal for integrated IT, telecom or other critical control processes. Efficiency Up to 96% true online.

Conceptpower for medium-sized critical applicationsDPA provides very flexible power configuration based on 30 / 40 / 50 kVA modules, Scalable up to 1.5 MVA. Efficiency Up to 95.5% true online.