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Perkins Generators

Generators by Perkins is a renowned brand in the power generation industry, specializing in the design and manufacture of diesel generators. The company has a long history of over 85 years in the market and is known for its high-quality and reliable products. They have a strong global presence, with their generators used in a variety of applications such as hospitals, data centers, mining operations, and construction sites.

Perkins generators are built using advanced technology and innovative engineering techniques to provide efficient and dependable power solutions. The company has a dedicated team of engineers and designers who work closely with customers to develop customized solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. They also provide exceptional after-sales support, with a network of authorized service centers and technicians around the world to ensure customers have access to timely and efficient service.

Generating SetPerkins Engine (50Hz)RatingDownload
KC9403A-11G11500. here to Download
KC12.5403A-15G11500.012.514.010.011.2Click here to Download
KC15403A-15G21500.015.016.512.013.2Click here to Download
KC20404A-22G1500. here to Download
KC301103A-33G1500. here to Download
KC451103A-33TG11500.045.049.636.039.7Click here to Download
KC601103A-33TG21500. here to Download
KC801104A-44TG21500. here to Download
KC1001104C-44TAG21500.0100.0110.080.088.0Click here to Download
KC1351106A-70TG11500.0135.0149.0108.0119.2Click here to Download
KC1501106A-70TAG21500.0150.0165.0120.0132.0Click here to Download
KC1801106A-70TAG31500.0180.0200.0144.0160.0Click here to Download
KC2001106A-70TAG41500.0200.0220.0160.0176.0Click here to Download
KC2501206A-E70TTAG31500.0250.0275.0200.0220.0Click here to Download
KC2751506A-E88TAG41500.0275.0300.0220.0240.0Click here to Download
KC3001506A-E88TAG51500.0308.0337.0246.4269.6Click here to Download
KC3502206A-E13TAG21500.0350.0400.0280.0320.0Click here to Download
KC4002206A-E13TAG31500.0400.0450.0320.0360.0Click here to Download
KC4502506A-E15TAG11500.0455.0500.0364.0400.0Click here to Download
KC5002506A-E15TAG21500.0500.0550.0400.0440.0Click here to Download
KC6002806A-E18TAG1A1500.0600.0660.0480.0528.0Click here to Download
KC6502806A-E18TAG21500.0650.0700.0520.0560.0Click here to Download
KC7504006-23TAG2A1500.0746.0821.0596.8656.8Click here to Download
KC8004006-23TAG3A1500.0800.0880.0640.0704.0Click here to Download
KC10004008TAG2A1500.01000.01100.0800.0880.0Click here to Download
KC10004008-30TAG21500.01000.01100.0800.0880.0Click here to Download
JP12504012-46TWG2A1500.01500.01250.0900.01000.0Click here to Download
JP15004012-46TAG2A1500.01500.01650.02100.01320.0Click here to Download
JP20004016TAG2A1500.02000.02250.01600.01800.0Click here to Download