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Kubota is a renowned brand that has been manufacturing high-quality industrial equipment for over a century. From tractors to generators, Kubota has established a reputation for producing reliable and efficient machinery. One of the reasons for the company’s success is its commitment to innovation, always seeking new and better ways to improve their products.

With Kontrol-C, Kubota generators are taken to the next level, providing not only high-quality performance but also advanced digital control and monitoring capabilities. The combination of Kubota’s expertise in generator manufacturing and Kontrol-C’s cutting-edge technology results in a reliable and easy-to-use generator that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each user. Whether you need a generator for a small business or a large industrial facility, Kubota generators by Kontrol-C can provide the power and reliability you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

50Hz Single Phase

Kubota Telecom
KC9-KC10S (50Hz)
KC12– KC13S (50 Hz)
KC12.5-KC13.5S (50Hz)
KC12.5-KC14S (50Hz)
KC15-KC16S (50Hz)
KC20-KC22S (50Hz)
KC22.5-KC25S (50Hz)
KC30-KC32S (50Hz)
KC36-KC40S (50Hz)
KC45-KC48S (50Hz)

Kubota Telecom
KC9-KC10S(50Hz)-Single Phase
KC12.5-KC13.5S(50Hz)-Single Phase
KC14-KC16S (50Hz)-Single Phase
KC15-KC17S(50Hz)-Single Phase
KC17-KC19S(50Hz)-Single Phase
KC19-KC21S-Single Phase
KC20-KC23S(50Hz)-Single Phase
KC20-KC23S Single Phase
KC27-KC30S(50Hz)-Single Phase
KC37-KC40S (50Hz)-Single Phase

Kubota Telecom
KC11-KC12S (60Hz)
KC15-KC17S (60Hz)
KC18-KC20S (60Hz)
KC20-KC22S (60Hz)
KC24-KC27S (60Hz)
KC27-KC30S (60Hz)
KC36-KC40S (60Hz)
KC44-KC49S (60Hz)